We are here to announce the meow beginning at Fat Cat Games. The backupgeddon seriously hurt us, but we are back and stronger than before.


Hi Fat Catters!

It has been 6 months since we suffered the loss of all our work in what we call the “backupgeddon”.

The Backupgeddon

Our storage system was as follows: We have all code, sprites, sounds,… Well, everything in a Hard Drive. Our storage system towards a daily backup at the same hour and this system should notice all team members if any problem was found during the backup. Yes, SHOULD, NOTICE… The truth is that the hard drive with all data died… And when we tried to restore the backup, the backup file was empty.


During these months We’ve spent many hours trying to restore our damaged disks and backups with no luck at all. Data recovery tools, broken hard drive recovery software, We’ve been able to think a lot about what should we do and also start developing some new ideas that have come to mind.

New Backup System

A daily backup, this one notices us every day, with the size of the backup, how long took the backup and an XML file with the folder and files structure, and of course, our projects are synchronized with the cloud.

Our developed games

We still have some available games online at Google Play Store.

Is the case of:

As we lost all projects data, We’re unable to update these games so these games are sadly condemned

The meow beginning at Fat Cat Games

With the meow beginning at Fat Cat Games, We will show you some of these projects we’re working on through our Instagram account and from our website, as well as their development progress.

We have many surprises ready for you. Stay tuned!

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