A new Balluum Reloaded version is coming soon to Google Play. We’ve added this old project to our to-do list and we hope to have it back online soon. But why?


Hi Fat Catters!

Google Play did it again. Google Play removed one of our games.

You can’t download Balluum from Google Play Store anymore because Google changed the privacy policy conditions.


With the “backupgeddon” we can’t update any projects of Fat Cat Games because we lost ALL the code from our projects.
But it’s not the last time we mention Balluum or Free Sheepping. Remember that Free Sheepping was retired from the Google Play Store some months ago with the same problems as Balluum.

Today we announce that the Balluum Reloaded version and a Reload Version of Free Sheepping will be soon online again.

Balluum Reloaded changelog

The new version of Balluum will have completely new sprites, and mechanics, But the most important will be the new levels, the shop with new power-ups a new movement system, and more enemies that will make the game more difficult and fun.

What about Fat Cat Games?

We are working on many different ideas for our new games therefore we can’t say when the reloaded games will be back to Google Play. You can be sure that will be back for Android devices and for the first time for IOS devices.

In conclusion,  don’t lose hope! Numberlord and Save The Tree are still available at Google Play.

And soon in Fat Cat Games, We will tell you about new games and ideas. Next week we will talk about Global Wars Project and in a near future, more details about our previously announced The Duel and Planetary skills, another Fat Cat Games project.

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